Tuesday, April 7, 2015

JRR Rally Packages for MoTeC M1 ECU

I am very excited to be rolling out some rally specific firmware packages for the MoTeC M1 ECU line up. This combination will bring the highest level of control and capability to popular rally platforms, along with being more affordable than most previous high quality options. Feedback from rally teams will allow me to continue to grow these firmware packages tailored to the specific needs of rally. The packages will also work quite well for a track or modified street car of the same models.

We have been testing a variety of platforms and combinations, and the initial releases will be as follows (with more to come based on demand and/or requests):

  • Mitsubishi Evolution 4G63 (supports direct ACD control)
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 4B11 (supports direct ACD control)
  • Subaru STi 2008+ (supports direct DCCS control)
  • FA20 engine package (DI FA20 engine w/o driver box, supports direct Subaru DCCS control). This package is intended for FA20 engine swaps into Subaru rally cars using custom looms. 
  • FRS/BRZ - Supports OEM car with some additional rally/race specific functionality
Aside from the level of logging you want to have on your M1, with these packages there are no other options you need to buy! They come with drive by wire control, camshaft control, anti lag, launch control, knock control, flex fuel and other general features you would expect from a high end engine management system. 

In addition, some of the packages above contain built in active diff control!! This is a HUGE cost savings. Instead of buying a separate diff controller you simply wire your diff control components to the M1 ECU and program it right from the M1 Tune software. Future growth also allows us to expand the diff control model and incorporate any channels that exist within the M1 to that control strategy. 

Please email me (johnreedracing@gmail.com) with any questions or purchase inquiries. These packages can be purchased together with an M1 ECU, or separately if you already own an M1 ECU (or if you are a MoTeC dealer just needing the software package). Full package functionality is supported by the M130 and M150 ECUs, assuming you have enough I/O available. M190 package is available by special request.

Below are some screen shots highlighting a few of the features included with the JRR Rally Packages. The Evo version is shown but all will be similar. 

The boost control system allows you to incorporate a turbo inlet pressure sensor and a turbo shaft speed sensor into the control strategy. Turbo speed limiting is handled in actual shaft speed rpm values, not weird scaled values. Boost pack pressure sensor and waste gate position sensor inputs also supported for setup and data analysis.

Intercooler spray function is included, along with full per cylinder knock control with 4 software defined center frequencies along with definable knock window and trim levels.

Full anti lag control system, which is fairly similar in function to the M800 system. The M1 rev limiting and timing control is second to none, making this and the launch control work just that much better! I have also incorporated controls to operate air bypass ALS, which is highly effective for off throttle boost. 

Here is a glimpse of the diff control. The Mitsubishi ACD is shown but the Subaru setup is similar. There are 4 pairs of tables, with half of each pair for lock under acceleration and the other half for lock under braking. There is also a road mode (0% lock) and a fully locked (100%) mode. The tables and these modes can be selected by using the driver switch functionality. This allows a momentary switch, 0-5v rotary switch, CAN message or even a Racegrade CAN Keypad to change the diff modes. Standard axis available for the tables are vehicle speed, throttle position and steering angle. Future upgrades could allow more functionality based on user demand.

In addition to standard toggle and rotary switches, the package also supports using momentary switches to control various functions. Direct input from a Racegrade CAN keypad is also supported, with ability to assign any key on the keypad to a driver switch function. Currently the keypad is only supported when there is also a PDM connected, but future upgrades may include the ability to use the keypad independently.