Sunday, December 6, 2015

JRR M1 package update for 2008+ Subaru STi

I am finishing an update on my MoTeC M1 firmware package for 2008-2015 Subaru STi vehicles. Until now this package was targeted primarily at full motorsport use, and only offered minimal integration with the OEM CAN system (just enough to keep the gauges working). I have now upgraded it to be fully integrated with the factory CAN system and electronics. The ABS, cruise control, and DCCD will all continue to function as standard with the installation of the MoTeC M1 ECU and this firmware.

I know there are a lot of good choices for engine tuning in the Subaru world, and my target audience is only those clients who want the highest level of control and data acquisition in their vehicle. Obviously this suits those in motorsports most, however I have been getting more higher power street/track cars that also want this same level of technology. I feel there is no better or more powerful engine control for your Subaru STi than MoTeC M1 with my firmware package.

The Subaru STi features many factory installed sensors, which can now be viewed and integrated into the M1 for data logging and also used as part of control strategies. If your car is missing some of these OEM sensors, you can also wire in your own sensors in a traditional manner. The image below shows the main channels that are now available in the STi package, no extra sensors or wiring required:

While this package transmits the necessary data to keep the factory DCCD system working correctly, many want to be able to custom tune the DCCD system for their unique driving style or requirements. My Subaru STi package contains full DCCD control, with no additional hardware or purchase required. You simply wire the DCCD actuator, control switch and a couple of other items to the M1 (that previously went to the OEM DCCD controller) and then begin mapping the DCCD directly in the M1. You can also data log all DCCD parameters directly in the M1. In addition, the M1 uses the DCCD mode display in the factory gauge cluster to indicate which map you are on. For those who have used the MoTeC SDC diff control products, you should find the functionality and capability familiar.

I also did a quick video showing how some of the signals we are receiving from the OEM sensors can be used for the M1 DCCD control. The M1 DCCD control also supports switching the DCCD maps with the factory up/down switch (requires wiring it to the M1 ECU).

In addition, the SI Drive switch can be assigned to any driver switch function in the M1. These switches include anti lag, launch control, DBW throttle targeting, fuel trims, ignition trims, boost trims, the list goes on. No additional wiring required to use the SI Drive switch. You can also assign it to more than one function at a time, as shown below:

A quick video of the factory gauge cluster from one of my test drives. The only light on after the installation of the MoTeC M1 is the security light, due to the removal of the immobilizer system.

This package is one of the JRR M1 packages eligible for an end of season contingency payout in the Rally America 2016 championship in SP class.

Attention MoTeC dealers: I am happy to do private label, customized versions of this package (or any other package I offer). This allows you to have your own unique version that suits your client base, without the expense of fully developing it yourself. There is no up front cost for this service, as I simply make a % of each one you sell. I already have dealers running private versions of this particular package. 

For any questions or comments, or if you would like to purchase one of these M1 packages please email me: